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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

About a month ago Blake and I took some engagement pictures for Blake's sister. We also had the opportunity to create her announcement. It was my very first time doing a wedding announcement so I'm sure it isn't perfect but I sure had a lot of fun.

Tell me what ya think?

click on me to see a larger version

Info Inserts


* please no seriously mean comments because as you can tell from the dates the wedding has already happened. Therefore these have already been printed but a little constructive criticism for next time is much appreciated! oh and don't worry I changed the personal info.

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  1. I thought they were SO great!! I really don't have any criticism ... sorry : )

  2. I think these are so cute Tigan! I wish you would have created our annoucements! Are you for hire? We might have another announcement that needs to go out in a couple of months.... :)

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  4. Meaning...plainly and simply I love them!

  5. I loved them! The vivid colors, the way you captured the personality of this couple, great work, and very unique as well!

  6. Dear Tigan,
    First of all I love your blog design, everytime I visit your blog I want to plagerize you like you can't imagine. Second of all you are so fashion. And lastly, cute announcement. I'm doing one for a friend and its hard to come up with creative ideas, but I think you kids nailed it.


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