Black Berry UpGrade?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Yesterday when I returned from work I found Blake haggling away his old(LOL, meaning the 3G... if you're cool enough to know what that means) Iphone to two young men in the living room. If you haven't heard the NEW Iphone comes out today. I'm not much for the hippest new electronic gadget. I mean I do own an Ipod but only because Blake bought me one for Christmas and I use it when I decide to grace the gym with my presences but truly only because it matches my pink workout outfit.

For about a year now Blake has encouraged me to get on the band wagon and join the Irevolution by upgrading my well used, cute little pink razor to an Iphone. I have adamantly refused for many reasons:

1. I wasn't about to pay a couple hundred dollars for a cell phone that changes its colors once every 6 months.

2. I have seen Blake entertain himself with countless games during a little thing I like to call church and the idea of 2 Iphone owners with potential sacrament game playing possibility's would be to great for me to with stand.


I HATE the touch screen. I know, your probably saying but Tigan that is the coolest part. Well that may be true but those little buttons are the bane of my existence. I can't tell you how many times I have been unable to send a call, accidentally muted my conversation or retyped multiple texts because I just can't seem to get those buttons to work.

Anyways, yesterday after the hagglers had dispersed and Blake had shown off his shiny new wad of green backs. We decided to stop by the AT&T store. As we entered the store a sales women greeted use with a happy smile and I with a proud gesture told her I was eligible for an upgrade. She then asked me what type of phone I was looking for.

I don't really keep tabs on the cell phones offered by my cellular provider except that their commercials often feature catchy tunes which I subconscious memorize. But I decided that serenading this sales women with a personal montage of cell phone commercial anthems in order to find a particular cell phone might not be my best option and so I said... I dunno?

Which lead her to... "Have you thought about the Iphone?" I smiled and nodded and then politely declined. And then we searched through their countless other options and after about an hour I had finally narrowed it down to the Black Berry. After playing with all of its buttons (The real kind not the ones that you tap on a screen.) and organizing fictitious information in the calender, I was sold and just about to walk out with my cute new black berry pearl when... Blake pointed out that I wouldn't be able to get WiFi with this particular model.

Normally I wouldn't care about WiFi except that after I got lost in Manhattan several times and I could just pop into a Starbucks and free WiFi myself in the right direction I kind of became hooked.
.... No problem I said Black berry has like a billion models one of them has to have WiFi. Well one of them did the one that cost 240 dollars not the ever popular free or even the free after 50 dollar rebate but 240 big ones.

Sad Face

And so after much debate I am now the some what disgruntled owner of an APPLE 3G 8GB IPHONE and all of it's crappy touch screen buttons! I apologize in advance if I accidentally hang up on you!


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  1. How can anyone possibly be a "disgruntled iphone owner"?!?! it's not possible I think she just needs some time to learn the joys of such an intuitive and magical (yes it is magical) device. And I would like to note that I don't play games all during sacrament, just occasionally when there is a stake high council speaker, come on you know exactly what I'm talking about... perhaps my soul may have picked up a couple of black marks for playing checkers on the iPhone but as we all know all you have to do to undo is give a little shake. :)

  2. Tigan I love you. I almost got a Blackberry Pearl too, and for the same reason got a different phone, but like you I can't stand the touch screen. I feel like I can not own a phone that can accidentally call people without my knowing and pretends to be smarter than I am.


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