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Friday, June 12, 2009

Listen Up
Blake has decided to offer a summer training special for,you guessed it... the ladies. Well MOMMIES to be more specific.

click on me for details

Are you having trouble losing that last bit of extra baby weight or have your babies been grown and gone for years but those extra pounds still persist. Well then MOMMY BOOT CAMP is for you.

* Note these group training sessions are not for the light of heart. A serious get in shape booty whippin' comes at a price you know. {wink wink}

Also for tips and insider secrets you can visit Blake at
Momentum Personal Training


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  1. When does registration end? I would LOVE to register. We'll see if we can afford it right now...I doubt it but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I really want to lose the rest of this baby weight.

  2. Where did you guys live when you were in Paris?

  3. I will totally have to see if Blake does it again later on so i can totally get the baby fat off me once i have my baby. :D


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