Mr. Robinson & The FIXIE Bike

Monday, April 16, 2012

As I mentioned this year for christmas, well I guess last christmas now I gave Blake the parts to build a fixie bike. He finally got all the little bits and bobs. So we took a trip down to the SLC Bike Collective and put it all together. Since this was Blake's very first bike construction the BC was the perfect place for Blake to get his bike skills on. It only cost him $15 to use the facilities, supplies, tools and expertise of the staff to get his bike in tip top shape.

Originally we had planned on making a single track bike. For those who don't know the difference between a fixie and a single track. It's goes along the lines of this...

One gear, you peddle like normal to make it go. You can also coast and brakes for stopping.

You pedal to make the bike go if you stop pedaling the bike stops.  There isn't a need for brakes since the speed and stop of the bike is controlled by the pedals.

Sounds easy enough but but for the wife of a city commuter I had nightmares of Blake pedaling along, car pops out of nowhere, Blake gets caught of guard (STOPS) peddling and it thrown to his death.
So we compromised. A Fixie with 3 sets of brakes! Plus the cable housing on the brakes matched the tires so you know I was totally all for that.

 Blake says it has been the best gift EVER! lol, I'm just glad he likes it :)


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