An Easter Success

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Don't you just love spring blooms? They always seem to help the gloomy days in Utah pass by just a little easier. 
This year for Easter Blake's family came down for a visit. It was a great treat despite the fact we had to spend quite a few hours away from all the fun decorating for an Easter event. But we did manage to fit in an Easter Egg Hunt. Which I failed miserable at. I don't know if it was my lack luster competitive nature or the fact that Blake's Dad acctually hides the eggs, meaning ZERO viability. In my family the hardest hunt was something more of the green egg green grass nature not complete and utter invisibility.  Also there was the addition of non egg objects... socks, soda pop, Luna Bars...what? Image me with my sad 3 little eggs wondering aimlessly all the while shouting I don't see any eggs. while Blake burrows himself to egg victory in the sand box and then scores big time with IBC Soda found in several bushes. It was sad, real sad. I wish I had capture a picture of my pure an utter defeat. I wish I could say it was because I was unaware of the Robinson egg hunting customs, but Kyle, a brother in-law walked away with a serious bag of loot. I guess I won't be adding Easter egg hunting skills to my resume, still I did manage to acquire (with help from Blake's Dad and by help I mean he told me the location) one of my very favorite IBC Black Cherry Sodas, so I can't complain. Plus this weekend I found the most adorable grey and white striped straws.
Have I mentioned how much I love straws? Well I do,  Blake thinks it's silly but there is just something about drinking a soda pop well acctually an beverage really through a straw that makes me happy. I even have my very on 1960's style straw dispenser. Which now, with the addition of these striped cuties is totally to die for. Anyways a big thanks to Blake's fam for the fun filled weekend oh and I can't forget to send a little birthday love to B's mom. We are kindred same birthday month spirits which makes me like her all the more.
On to the Easter's Day event. I don't really feel like explain the pics because really they don't need much explanation. Think playful, colorful happy Easter ad in like 18 hours of set up  and you've pretty much got it.  I'm totally in love with the bunny napkins and the big 3 ft balloons. If i ever bear children I'll defiantly include them in a B-Day party.

And that's it.... hope you had very wonderful Happy Easter Sunday!


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