And so they came... much to my chagrin

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

(Please excuse the laundry I was in the process of folding in the background)

Well they finally came and they're only like month late. Blake kept teasing that hopefully he'd have them by my birthday and I'd say he was just about right since it just so happens to be on Friday.

In my defense I have to say it really wasn't my fault that it took so long to receive them. I mean who knew that these ridiculously hideous shoes would be in such high demand!

When Blake first told me he wanted these shoes I asked him what the heck for and when or where will you even wear them. As I stared at the picture of the shoes in disbelief, Blake never one to come unprepared proceeded to pull up a YouTube video in which the narrator described how he used his Vibram 5 fingered shoes. Top of the list... casual wear. WHAT THE WHAT! By this point I couldn't stop laughing because their was no way on Earth I was about to parade around town with my husband and his casual wear monkey toe shoes. So after much discussion we agreed upon the shoes with the following user stipulations... the GYM and places Tigan won't be seen with them!

Here's to a HAPPY HUSBAND!



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  1. I saw someone running in those shoes yesterday! They are funky, but cool for exercise.

  2. blake will love them! dave got his for christmas and loves his. he runs in them all the time. enjoy!

  3. John wants some, and when we couldn't find them here I didn't remind him about it. I laughed so hard at this post because I felt the same way as John explained all their magic.


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