Sushi Sous Chef

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Chef at Blake's work got a sampling of fishy delights from a company he purchases seafood goods from. Since he had a little extra he offered Blake a prime fillet of Ahi Tuna. Blake was ecstatic to say the least and rushed straight way to the sushi store to stock up on wasabi and sticky rice.

All the tasties.

Toulouse really wanted to help!



* Well it would be if I liked sushi... I actually HATE fish. I think the strong dislike could come from the fact that I wasn't aloud to leave the table until all my microwave oven fish sticks had been eaten. (I use to plug my nose and chew them up until my parents weren't looking. Then I would spit them into my napkin and shove the napkin in my pocket for secret disposal later.) Or maybe I it's because Blake made me try Sushi on our very first date. (When sea weed touches me at the beach I scream and run away.) It wasn't that great going down my throat either. I threw up in my mouth and then had to swallow because I was in his car!

Either way Blake sure did have a BLAST making it and that's what counts right!


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  1. I have to agree. Well, I can eat fish...but seaweed sushi makes my throat sweat and start to contract. That's the making of an upchuck, my dear friend.


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