Sunday Safari

Monday, May 18, 2009

On Sunday Morning I awoke with a Strong desire to wear one of my very favorite outfits. The one I have dubbed my Safari outfit. It is so named because one day I told Blake that if I was ever to go on a Safari this would be the outfit I would wear. I then told Blake that it would be awesome if he wore a safari outfit too so we could match. Being the fabulous husband that he is he asked me what exactly his safari outfit would look like and I said anything that is khaki, brown, blue or braided. He concocted this outfit....

Ya he really is this HANDSOME!

Anyways on our way home from church I mentioned to Blake that we should take some Safarish type pictures in honor of our smashing outfits!

Then my little brother asked if he could be in them and being the wonderful big sister I am I said... NO.

Hoping to deter his interest further I said you aren't even dressed for a safari. Then he said "well then what should I be wearing." Now being the smart big sister that I am I knew that after I told him what was required he would for sure not want to participate, and so I confidently replied khaki, brown, blue or braided.

By this time we had reached the house and 10 minutes later Mckay emerged wearing this...

and so we shot this...

and this...

and some of this...

and then Mckay got really into it so we shot this...

Ya we're pretty much... Awesome LOL!


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  1. Those pictures are awesome! I love the one with the light coming through the trees...very artistic :)

  2. hahaha I love you guys! The Safari outfits are PERFECT! The pictures are really cool too! So creative you are. How are you liking DC?? Is that where you are originally from? It looks beautiful there!

  3. You guys are so cute! What a fun're so creative, Tigan! ;)


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