Sunday, November 23, 2008

On Friday Night Blake took me out on a date to see Twilight. We went out to dinner at the Olive Garden were the prices were totally inflated but the atmoshpere was great. We didn't even have to wait in an hour and a half long line because Blake whipped out his mad charming skills and got use seated immediately.

We saw the Movie at one of our favorite theaters in Kips Bay. The theater is in a business district so its pretty dead in the evenings when everyone goes home. We got there like 20 minutes early and still had great seats. The New York women cheered when Edward appeared on screen, screaming out things like " Oh Edward you can bite me!" H-I-LARIOUS. I think Blake peed a little laughing at all the silly gushing women.

Our favorite line from the movie was "Hang on my little spider monkey"..... Edward referring to Bella, then he precedes to fly about scaling larger than life trees in the Forest. All while maintaining his rugged good looks and his true love and humble human Bella.

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