Trimin' the Stockings

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Established in 1936, the company started in the middle of America's Great Depression when Michael Cohen, the grandfather of the current M&J Executive Vice President Michael J. Cohen, started a linen store business with a determined spirit unhindered by the adverse times. Formerly called the Outlet Linen Store, it was located strategically at the heart of commerce activity for the garment industry on 6th Avenue (the Avenue of the Americas).

Customers could find a wide eclectic selection of tablecloths, handkerchiefs, and ceramics piled high on merchandising tables. In 1959, Mr. Cohen’s eldest son, Joel Cohen, joined the business after completing his service in the US Army. Joel immediately began to "modernize" the business by installing better lighting, reorganizing merchandise, and implementing several store upgrades.

The linen store was a popular hangout for several neighborhood friends. Sitting on the low merchandising tables, businessmen from around the area would often spend hours drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and talking about business and life. One day after a gathering, a salesman left a roll of lace on the counter as collateral for a five-dollar loan. Customers soon started to ask about the lace. By the time the salesman came back a few days later to pay off his debt, Mr. Cohen said, "Forget the five dollars, get me more lace!" Thus began a new extended line of trimming products.


These are some of the supplies and fabrics I am going to use to make our stockings for Christmas this year. The fabric is a combination of samples from school and clothes I found at the salvation army. I'll post some picture of the finished stockings when they are done.

Blake's stocking supplies: Don't worry I plan on adding some felt Christmas tree cutouts to make it a little more masculine. Our Christmas colors are plums, silvers, golds, greens and chartreuse.

Tigan's stocking supplies: I plan on making some snowflakes with the shimmery silver fabric and adding some jingle bells to the toe of the stocking.

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