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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This weekend we were fortunate enough to get a visit from our friends in Utah.
Jen and Stacie came down for a fun filled weekend in the big city. We ventured into unknown territory, delved into street vendor couture and experienced the fine eats of Time Squares' Roxy Restaurant.

While in Time Square we spotted the famous W Hotel and decided that as true designers, dedicated to our craft it was only right to take a sneak peak. The picture to the right was taken from the entrance lobby were the walls and
ceiling we completely made of flowing water....
How's that for extravagantly classy!

We took a trip over the bridge to one of Brooklyn's greatest neighborhoods. Brooklyn Heights. and sampled a slice of famous pizza from Grimaldi's.

New York Fun Fact:

Grimaldi's was also a favorite pizza spot for the ever popular Mr. Frank Sinatra!

Blake and I also stopped of at Burger
Heaven and tasted one of their famous
shakes. They were suppose to be to die for.

Childhood Moment Montague:
Growing up some of my favorite foods were a grilled cheese sandwich and a chocolate shake from the local hometown drug store. ( these are still my favorite foods). When I got older my Dad took me down to Layton's finest shake and malt shop the Big Ben Burger. They featured the kind of shakes that were so thick that you give yourself a headache just sucking on air till the ice cream liquefies.

By first hand experience I am a true fine connoisseur of the perfect shake. Burger Heaven carried three flavors Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. We tried chocolate, and while it was tasty it was not true Shake material. The shake was watery, the cups weren't chilled and they used artificial flavoring. ( shame on you) Sorry New York you ain't got nothin' on home grown Big Ben!

* Note.......Big Ben Burger Is now a Star Bucks
Stupid Corporate Franchises!

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  1. I didn't know you had a blog! It was fun to read all about your new york adventures! I am glad we could see you guys in New York!


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