The Most Magical Place On Earth

Monday, November 29, 2010

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Disneyland this year. When my parents brought up the idea I was kind of upset. I really love my traditions and my almost empty nester parents were going to mess everything up. Plus a girl needs her thanksgiving mash patataes an gravy. Needless to say they talked us into it and we did have a blast. So thanks famdamnly for sore feet, splash mountain splash gear, one giant snowstorm, 26 hours of driving, fun, food oh and 4 magical days in the happiest place on earth. By the way I got my potatoes!

Flying Over California

The Blue Bayou

Big Thunder Mountain



Toy Story Mania

Coaster Faces

Coaster Hair

Splash Mountain


Tea Cups

The Wonderful World Of Color (This was totally amazing)

The Awesome People That Made It All Happen!


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