Tell Death Do Us Part

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Culprit #1
Tongue Tied

This is a pair of Blake's very favorite shoes. In the world of Blake only one sure and fast favorite shoe rule applies.... UNTIL DEATH DO US PART. One of my very favorite aspects of Blake's shoes is not only their often unusual aesthetic but also the very creative evolution each respective pair under goes. For example as documented in the photograph above culprit #1 one no long supports any measure of lacing. When petitioned about the slightly naked nature of his pumas Blake logically explained he simply liked it better that way. After deep contemplation I truly believe that Blake is just ahead of the times. His lack of laces reminds me of one of my own personal shoe sojourn and so in the sport of good fun...


When I was in high school a considerably awful shoe trend began to ascended upon the unsuspecting teenage students. Instead of tidy tennis the hallways began to fill up with clunky skater shoes. I still remember the year I decided it was high time I purchased myself some. A few weeks before the start of my junior year I drove myself down to the neighborhood skater shop and purchased myself a smashing pair of white DCs. I even plunked down an extra 13 dollars for a spiffy set of thick violet laces. The Shoe box even came with a set of instruction on how to tie the laces so as to make the shoes appear as if they almost had none at all. (For all your viewing pleasure I have included a skater shoe lace tying video tutorial.)

I slaved for hours over the disappearing lace technique and on the first day of class I proudly plunked my way threw the front doors of Layton High School. I say plunked because as I mentioned earlier these shoes come extra wide and for a girl with tiny little tootsie extra wide was a rather difficult feat. For six months I wore 3 pairs of socks and never actually took my foot off of the ground but rather developed a type of scuffle walk so as not to lose my shoe mid way down the hall. Lets just say that by second semester I was back to my tried and true tidy tennis.

Culprit # 2
Tortured Soles

However nothing will ever surpass Blake's very favorite pair of shoes the "Tortured Soles". For months Blake had been harping on a pair of black & white pumas. However when Blake had shown me the images on the Internet I wasn't particularly enthused. But being that Blake truly loved them, I Tigan Robinson against my better judgement purchased culprit #2 for Blake's 24th birthday. When the gift box was opened on the day of his birth the slightly unique pair of black and white athletic sneakers turned out to be a pair of knight like chain mail death weapons... spikes included. With exuberant delight and glee my then 24 year old husband danced about the living room while I stood back in horror and disbelief that I had willingly assisted him in his possible footwear felony. My one glimmer of hope was that the life time of a trendy shoe was brief at best and soon Blake would lose interest and the "Tortured Soles" would be retired to the back of the closet. Blake wore those shoes EVERY day for a year and I was just recently informed that if I was ever caught disposing of said very favorite shoe I would face sure and certain death. Hence the need for the brief and hopefully entertaining bitter diatribe about the life and times of Blake's very favorite pairs of shoes!



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