Our Neighborhood

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Won't you be our Neighbor... Welcome to our little part of Brooklyn, what we believe to be known as Midwood. The houses around here very large but up until today we really hadn't seen too man people coming in or out of them. The main drag you can see in the video, Ocean Parkway, is where we take the puppies to walk and to see all of the interesting neighbors we have. There are the old men on the benches who always seem to be debating one thing or another, the late night power walkers dressed in their appropriate long skirts, long sleeves, and always travel in threes, and then there are the giddy boys and girls grouped by gender in a tight knit circle just close enough to the other gender's circle to hear who likes who. The houses here don't necessarily seem large until you see how the fill the whole lot horizontaly and vertically with there high windows and perfectly manicured yards and hedges.

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  1. Looks great! You guys are lucky. We'll have to make a long trek down there on a long weekend to spend some times with you guys.


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